Pfaff Creative Performance Ex Demo Sewing Machine

Start with a full computerised sewing machine, then add an embroidery unit! The Pfaff Creative Performance does both. Large 36cm x 20cm embroidery area and colour screen. Sew beautiful stacking stitches or use the stitch creator to sew unique patterns.

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Pfaff Creative Performance

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  • Free motion mode - Ideal for free-motion quilting or hand embroidery
  • Creative Quilting Stitches
  • Pfaff Creative Performance Customised Garment
  • High Foot Lift - Needle plate is marked for seam stitching. Also view the top drop in bobbin with view through cover
  • Auto Needle Threader - Quickly thread needles with the help of the needle threader
  • Pfaff's exclusive built-in Dual Feed assures flawless, no slip stitching every time, a must for Quilting, or when stitching super light and heavy brocades.
  • Hard Protective Cover - Keep machine and accessories safe

Apart from the Pfaff Performance huge full colour LCD sceen, at first glance, you see a sewing machine with a unique, unmistakable design, with all the features needed to make sewing a very special experience. You will discover a new freedom when sewing, a stitch repertoire that leaves no wish unfulfilled, precision that will astonish and space that inspires ideas you never even knew you had!


Discover the hidden Potential

Add on the optional embroidery unit and turn your sewing machine into an embroidery machine in no time at all. It will take you to an entirely new world – a world full of colour and design, full of imagination and creativity. It's all possible. Sooner or later. Whenever you want.

Impressive - a huge selection of more than 450 utility and decorative stitches. Including a wide variety of 9 mm decorative stitches, Stacking Stitches and Maxi Stitches up to 48 mm wide - for perfect results and enchanting embellishments. Choose one of the 4 built-in sewing fonts to personalize your project. Achieve professional results with a selection of fully automatic buttonholes.

Everything you do is seen on the
116x87mm PFAFF creative Colour Touch Screen. The clear, high resolution display shows stitches in actual size. View recommended settings and easily adjusts them for individual projects. Save adjustments for later use.

It’s magic - automatic presser foot lift. At the touch of a button, the presser foot is automatically raised to its highest position or lowered, top and bobbin threads are cut; you can even start or stop the machine without the foot control. The original from Pfaff

High quality 9 mm Stitches! For many years PFAFF has continued to perfect the high quality 9 mm stitches of your dreams. A fascinating selection is just waiting to be discovered. Combine different stitches and sew in one-step repeatedly. Or, create your own unique stitches with the Stitch Creator

Perfect fabric feed - more precise than ever before! The time-tested PFAFF IDT  System and a highly developed sensor technology guarantee the optimal feed you expect of all kinds of fabrics. Everything stays in place. Lightweight and silky fabrics don't pucker; stripes and plaids match perfectly; curved seams are easy, with very little pinning required. The IDT System is exceptional at grabbing and feeding quite small fabric pieces for maximum precision and professional results. Your PFAFF sewing and embroidery machine moves from a single layer to multiple layers effortlessly and even sews over bulky seams with no hesitation.

New and only from Pfaff

Unique Stacking Stitches!
PFAFF designers selected and tested stitches until they found the ultimate pairs of stacking stitches that would be adored by PFAFF sewers. Here is the result. Create elegant borders and beautiful accents. Stacking Stitches make every detail a standout!

The well-designed shape of the PFAFF Creative Performance sewing and embroidery machine offers exceptional space for large amounts of fabric. A sewing space of 250 mm to the right of the needle is an unbelievable advantage when quilting and sewing. Admired by quilters all around the world: the large selection of antique quilt stitches with that hand-stitched character and the delightful Stippling Stitches. They open up even more areas of creativity for you.

Optimized bright LED lights illuminate the entire sewing area with no shadows. Select one of the three free-motion modes and your PFAFF creative performance sewing and embroidery machine sets the correct presser foot height and lowers the feed dogs automatically for you. There is perfect space for several layers of thick fabric. Move the fabric as desired to create a unique stitched surface. Clever quilt piecing with the patchwork program – Sew your seam and the machine will remember the seam length to repeat over and over. Set needle to stop up or down in the fabric for pivoting, appliqué and more.

Twice the Possibilities

Discover the fascinating world of embroideries. Optional! the embroidery unit you will experience a new dimension of possibility. Extra-large embroidery designs, in many colours and impressive beauty, enrich your creations and make them truly special. When you purchase the PFAFF embroidery unit you can start embroidering immediately with more than 200 exclusive designs included with the machine. Find thousands more at your authorized PFAFF dealer and at The variety of themes and imaginative techniques is constantly being expanded and is just waiting for you.

Just a touch on the
116x87mm PFAFF creative Colour Touch Screen puts you in a world of unlimited possibilities. All the embroidery designs are shown in realistic view in your chosen thread colours. Customize them directly on the screen; the intuitive-graphic interface makes it easy.

Quilting in the hoop is an amazing experience. As if by magic, the needle draws intriguing ornaments, sophisticated textures, and elegant designs on the fabric; embroidering large areas with breathtaking perfection and speed. The results are impressive and present new, fascinating possibilities.

The quilting designs included with your machine purchase were hand-picked by our designers for their unique beauty. They will inspire new looks and give your quilt that extra something. Suddenly even large areas can be embellished with elegant details. Results that look like freehand stitching have been embroidered in the hoop. This is the unsurpassed level of perfection you will achieve with your PFAFF ® sewing and embroidery machine.

As if by magic, the machine embroiders the individual design sequences, cuts the jump stitches automatically, and only stops when the thread colour needs to be changed.

Large embroideries - Precise positioning. Place every embroidery design exactly where you want it. The joining of large embroideries has never been easier or the results more perfect. Just mark the desired positions directly on the screen and the needle begins at exactly the right spot to complete the design.

Mirror the embroidery design side-to-side and /or end-to-end for even more possibilities.
Rotate by 1° increments
for precise adjustments.
Enlarge or reduce designs
without changing the stitch count with Embroidery design scale.
Change thread colours
of the design directly on screen, thanks to the Colour edit function.
Stitch any design in a single colour
without colour stops with the Monochrome function.
Sew any stitch or buttonhole in the embroidery hoop
for perfect results. Create unique embroidery designs.
Adjust a stitch
or a sequence after you’ve brought it into embroidery mode, thanks to Embroidery stitch editor.
Basting in the hoop
– Baste fabric to a stabilizer that is already hooped. Great for knits and other fabrics that you do not wish to hoop.

Software Included with purchase
Turn TrueType fonts from your computer into embroidered text with the 5D QuickFont software.
Organize your design files on your computer with the 5D Organizer.

The bottom line
Our Pfaff Creative Performance if purchased with the optional large embroidery unit, will include
USB memory stick (storage for over 1000 designs).
CD with over 100 beautiful designs.
Two computer programs, 5D Organizer and 5D QuickFont
Three embroidery hoops, large hoop 360 x 200 mm, 240 x 150 mm, also square hoop 120 x 120 mm.
Instruction manual and colour designs book.
Hard protective cover and padded case for the large embroidery unit.
plus a special buy on-line free gift....

Standard Accessories Included with your machine:

  • Standard presser foot with IDT
  • Fancy stitch foot with IDT
  • Fancy stitch foot
  • Blindhem foot with IDT
  • Zipper foot with IDT
  • Sensormatic buttonhole foot
  • Manual buttonhole foot
  • Embroidery/ Sensormatic free-motion foot
  • 1/4inch quilting foot with IDT system
  • Maxi-stitch foot
  • Stylus
  • Thread net (2)
  • Edge guide
  • Felt pad (2)
  • USB Embroidery stick
  • Screwdriver
  • Seam ripper
  • Brush
  • Spool cap, large (2)
  • Spool cap, medium
  • Spool cap, small
  • Multi-purpose tool
  • Bobbins (10)
  • Knee-lift
  • Foot control
  • Power cord
  • USB cord
  • Needles
  • Micro Fibre cloth
  • 5D Embroidery Machine Communications CD
  • Creative Performance Embroidery collection

Accessories Included with the Optional Embroidery Unit
The following hoops are standard accessories for the large embroidery unit:

  • 120 Square Hoop (120x120 mm)
  • Master Hoop (240x150 mm)
  • Deluxe Hoop (360x200 mm)
  1. Preston, Lancashire Review by Barbie
    Overall rating

    This is my first Pfaff machine and I am really delighted with it, its sleek and beautiful and sews and embroiders like a dream. It has so many features on it, more than some other makers more expensive machines. It is solidly built and sounds so smooth when in use, the IDT system is a real must have for all sorts of jobs, but especially if your a quilter. This machine was fantastic value, especially with it coming with the large embroidery unit at no extra charge. Thank you for your fast and great value service. (Posted on 3/3/2012)

  2. westminster, london Review by JO
    Overall rating

    This is such a beautiful and competant does so much that whatever your imagination could create this machine could produce,,, compared to other brands,... this machine is like the automatic with all the bells and whistles and the other brands are mostly manuals for the masses
    GO enjoy the pleasures of this machine... I wish i had another one. (Posted on 1/18/2009)

Pfaff Creative Performance Ex Demo Sewing Machine Review.

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