Pfaff Performance 5.0 Sewing Machine

If you're a creative enthusiast who already owns an embroidery machine and want a high quality no-comprmise top of the range sewing machine. Then look no further.

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Pfaff Performance 5.0

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It's back, The re-introduction of the Pfaff Performance range is really something to get excited about. Does anyone remember the Pfaff performance 2058 with its high end sewing performance and style. Well the Pfaff Performance 5.0 is much bigger and much better. With Brand new features such as a Crystal clear colour touch screen, Maxi Stitch, Stitch Creator, IDT system, straight stitch needle plate sensor and that's just to name a few.

The Pfaff Performance is perfect for the enthusiast sewer who wants a top of the line sewing experience, but is not interested in embroidery. If you are looking for a sewing machine that sews at the highest quality and has all the features needed to get professional results. If sewing is not just your main interest but also your passion or profession and you simply cant get enough of it. This machine will help you pursue the projects that you one day thought you could only imagine doing.

The machine really is easy to navigate around, the crisp screen and easy identifiable icons make use very easy. With pfaff's long arm design and 306 built in stitches plus 4 font styles to choose from there isn't a sewing job that this machine can't handle.

Maxi Stitches - Fantastically ornate decorative stitches that at 48mm wide just blow the mind, When you see the maxi stitches you can be forgiven for thinking that they are done by an embroidery machine but they are a built in sewing machine stitch.

Stitch Creator - This is not a new thing to the market or some gimmick that you might never use, It is however the easiest to use stitch creator that I personally have found, You can simply drag and drop stitches or precisely plot the stitches on the stitch grid by using co-ordinates. What the Stitch creator does is enables you to mare your own personalized designed stitches, If this machine doesn't have the stitch you want amongst it's 300 strong range either utility, overlock or embroidery then you can easily make it. The possibilities are endless

IDT system - Like no other dual feed, walking foot or even feed foot the IDT system in subtle. Intelligently positioned right behind the presser foot bar you hardly know that it is there at all. The central position also means that you can sew layers of very fine thin strips of material like satin ribbon without and faltering or difficulty at all.

Pfaff Creative Signature Sewing Programs
•    Tapering - You can taper the corners of a 9mm decorative stitch, this will put an end to those messy overlapped decorative corners where the design just doesn't seem to sit right.
•    Patchwork Program - "I love this, it gets me very excited" Use the patchwork program to remember and repeat exacting stitch lengths, program it to lock the stitch at the start and the end of a patchwork square. Take a jelly roll, cut it into hundreds of two and a half inch squares, Program the machine to sew a 63mm length with a lock at the start and at the end with a auto thread cut finish and you'll be through the pile in no time. Or simply sew your first two patchwork pieces together and the machine will remember the length for you. You don't even have to look just make sure you start at the start to the fabric and the machine will stop for you.
•    Single stitch Program - You can set the exact number of stitches you would like to do decorative or otherwise.
•    Mirror Image of Stitch - You can flip stitches on the horizontal or vertical to keep complete decorative continuity while sewing small decorative directional areas.
•    Stitch Positioning - With pinpoint accuracy you can position the exact location of your stitch there are 37 separate needle positions to utilize.
•    Stitch Density - Can be adjust without effecting the appeal of the stitch that you have chosen, Density can be increased or decreased without effecting length by adjusting the distance between individual stitch points.

I could honestly talk about this machine all day but I feel if I do I would run the risk of making this machine sound over complicated when actually it is really simple to use, so to that end I'm going to bullet point the main features that I like about this machine If you feel the need to find out more or have any questions to ask then don't hesitate to contact us.

Sewing Features:
Auto presser foot lifter
Three free motion modes
Needle Up/Down
Sensormatic measured button holes
Start/Stop button
Stitch width safety
Twin needle program
Stitch sequence restart
Auto immediate tie off
Electronic knee lift

Machine features:
LED down lights
Bobbin thread sensor
Quick help
Adjustable Speed ranges
Personal memory
Software update able
Multi lingual
Dual Voltage.

Standard accessories included:

Standard presser foot for IDT, Fancy stitch foot for IDT, Fancy stitch foot, Blindhem foot for IDT, Zipper foot for IDT, Sensormatic buttonhole foot, Manual buttonhole foot, Sensormatic free-motion foot, Maxi stitch foot, 1/4 inch quilting foot for IDT, Straight stitch needle plate, Knee lift, Hard cover, Stylus, Edge guide, spool caps, 5xbobbins, Multi purpose tool, seam ripper, screwdriver.

Pfaff Performance 5.0 Sewing Machine Review.

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