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Aug 15, 2019 09:04:45 AM Published in Questions we're asked about Pfaff products 2124 Views.

Here are the most common tips to resolve this problem:

- It is a good idea to check the most simple things first to rule them out, Always rethread your top thread as it could be threaded the wrong way - Check your needle is fully installed as high as it can go, the flat shank normally faces away from the bobbin, check your manual if you are unsure

- Change the needle as it could be bent slightly (not easy to see but can cause huge frustration) in fact if your needle is damaged or blunt even slightly you can have all types of problems, you should also make sure you are using the correct needle type and size for the thread/fabric you are working with, Thicker fabric/multiple layers are going to need thicker needles and you should check if you are using the correct needle type (Ballpoint needles for Knits and Sharp needles for Wovens)

- Presser foot pressure can be a problem, if you are still having this problem you may need to adjust the pressure

- Try to use good quality thread (branded) and try using the same thread in the top and bottom if you have had problems where the top and bottom thread are different, also experiment with the thread tension to get it right

- When sewing it is important you let the machine feed the fabric for you, you only need to guide it

- Lastly check that your feed dogs aren’t all clogged, lint can get in and stop them from making contact with your material to feed properly, a light brushing with an old toothbrush should clear this If the above tips do not resolve your issue it is strongly recommended you contact us to book an inspection/repair of your machine without delay.

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