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Pfaff Machine Horn Gemini XL Sewing Cabinet

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What an excellent cabinet the Gemini XL is. An expansive sewing space and tidy design. The intuitive design means the cabinet and its contents can be stored away compactly when folded and not in use it measures just 93 x 51cm deep and 74.5cm high and for storage, will fit neatly into any sewing room. In use is a different matter it has three out folding leaves to expand the cabinet surface area covering nearly 1.5 square meeter of sewing platform. An absolute treat for those larger more difficult projects.

The 53cm wide cut out can accommodate Medium-sized Pfaff machines such as the Ambition and select range and anything smaller.

Inside the front doors on either side, there are two small storage shelves as well as a storage box one for threads and the other for bits and bobs.

If your space is limited the cabinet can be easily moved around by a single person as it is stationed on a set of wheels.

The Gemini XL 2012 uses the larger type sewing machine lifter which is 53cm in width. For more information about the lifting mechanism please view this page.

Crafted in durable melamine. (Insert is included at no extra cost to suit your sewing machine)


American Grey Oak Beech Weathered Oak White

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Brand Horn Furniture
Model 2012 Gemini XL
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