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Pfaff Machine Horn Sewing Cabinet Insert Filler Plate

What is a filler plate? Shall I buy a cut or uncut plate? I need an extra filler plate! Horn's filler plate's or insert's fit into the gap around your machine making the sewing surface of your machine level with the tabletop. An uncut plate makes an ideal flat surface in your cabinet for pattern marking or cutting or craft work and card making
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The insert is placed in position in the cabinet to fill the gap around the sewing machine, to keep the sewing surface of your machine and the cabinet top level. A larger, wider gap can sometimes be found in some Horn cabinets which will fit the long bed type quilting and embroidery machines.

The filler plate is available in two ways...'Cut' - this way your filler plate is cut to fit your sewing machine make and model and will then fit perfectly into your cabinet to give you a perfect, smooth table top. 'Uncut' - this plate fits into the gap in your cabinet to make a complete flat sewing surface. Gives a larger surface working area and is ideal for craft work, drawing or even your laptop!!

The filler plates come in seven sizes...types
(1925) - 300mm x 285mm, for the Horn Foldaway sewing table and Hide-away table.
(1927) - 480m x 285mm (Standard size)
(1929) - 530mm x 285mm (Long size)
(1932) - 615mm x 325mm (for the MAXI lift)

Newer sizes.
(1939) - 545mm x 300mm (New Nova)
(1942) - 615mm x 330mm (for the Quilters Delight and the Elements sewing table)
(1952) - 625mm x 339mm (Maxi Insert, for the Sewers Vision Cabinet)

With an un-cut filler plate you can place a lamp beneath. When the light shines through it highlights your work area...ideal for that intricate work.

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