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Pfaff Hand Wheel Center Screw

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This Metal screw replaces the original plastic screw that holds the hand wheel together - It is located in the centre of the hand wheel and it is part of the clutch system that takes the machine out-off-gear while winding the bobbin.

The original plastic screw used a large slotted screw head. The new replacment has a smaller phillips screw head, however, it does the exach same job.

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  1. Wales
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    For the want of a screw, the old machine could have been lost. We only use the old clunker on thick stuff we wouldn't dare try to feed through our newer primadonna machines. The 30+ year-old machine would have been dead when the OEM plastic handwheel screw fell of in two pieces. We feel lucky to have been able to find a replacement and a better one than the original and it got here almost immediately. Many thanks.

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