Pfaff Creative Endless Hoop

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Includes CD and Endless hoop designs
Long, longer, endless! Embroider beautiful borders as long as you desire - with the Pfaff creative ENDLESS HOOP.
Discover the charm of long, continuous borders and endless embroideries. They give fashion and home decorations a unique personal touch. Use them to add professional embellishments to garments, such as jackets or trousers or to home textiles, such as tablecloths, curtains or bed linens.
With the Pfaff creative ENDLESS HOOP you can repeat one embroidery design over and over again - until you have reached the length that you need. Hoop size is 180 x 100 mm - results are endless!
This special hoop is your guarantee that the embroidery designs always match perfectly - and always lined up perfectly parallel to the fabric edge.
When embroidering large or heavy pieces of fabric, support the fabric on a table in the front and back of the machine. You can also use the support table included with the creative GRAND HOOP to give the hoop better support. The support table is also sold separately.

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