Pfaff Narrow Edge Foot With Idt

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The Narrow Edge Foot is perfect for precision topstitching and joining lace and/or fabric edges together (for example, attaching lace to a finished fabric edge). The metal guide in the center of the foot keeps the two fabrics evenly spaced.Lace/Edge Joining: Position lace or finished fabric edges on either side of blade of foot and join together with zigzag or decorative stitch. Sewing lace to fabric: Place the folded/pressed edge of your fabric to the left of the center guide and the finished edge of your lace to the right of the center guide. Both fabric and lace should be placed under the foot, right side up. The center guide will keep the fabrics properly separated to allow for more precise stitching. Choose a zigzag stitch and sew, catching the edge of the fabric and the lace. Adjust the width and length of your zigzag as desired. Old part number 9303693991 Feet Pfaff Narrow Edge Foot with IDT Pfaff

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