Choosing the right needle for your sewing project is essential. Get it wrong and the result will be more than just disappointing. Cross reference your machine model number to the correct needle fitment for Overlocker, Embellisher, Industrial & Sewing Machine Needles.

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  1. Industrial Sewing Machine Needles Dcx1, 81x1 -10 Pk

    Industrial needle type DCx1, 81x1 large pack of 10 needles, sizes 11 to 14 are available Learn More

  2. Industrial Needle 88x1, 88x9, Dax1, 1128, 1315 -10 Pk

    Popular needle type 88x1, 88x9, DAx1, 1128, 1315 for overlockers and industrial machines Learn More

  3. Pfaff Universal Sewing Machine Needles Assorted pack NewSale

    Pfaff Universal Sewing Machine Needles Assorted

    Large 10 pack of universal sewing machine needles standard point in size 70, 80 & 90 for fine to heavyweight woven fabrics. Learn More

  4. 3 mm Singer twin sewing machine needles New-8.18%

    Strong Universal Sewing Machine Twin Needle 3mm Wide. Size 90/14

    Strong heavy weight 3.0 mm Twin sewing machine needles for stitching medium to heavy fabrics they give lovely perfectly parallel stitches. Made by Singer for universal fitting types 130/705H, HAx1SP or 15x1 Learn More

    Now Only £5.50 Regular Price £5.99
  5. ELx705 Overlock Coverlock Machine Needles New-18.65%
    Now Only £6.50 Regular Price £7.99 As low as £5.99
  6. Singer Assorted Overlock Needles Std Point 2054, 16x75 - 5 Pack

    Assorted pack of Singer overlock serger needles type 2054, 16x75 regular point size 70 to 90 Learn More

Items 21-30 of 41

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