Pfaff Hobby, Smarter, Passport and Ambition Bobbins and box

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These compatible 11.5mm bobbins fit the Hobby, Smarter, Passport and Ambition Range of Pfaff machine. The Hobby range is the modern front loading machine where the bobbin fits into a metal cup like bobbin case and then is inserted into the front of the machine. The Smarter, Passport and Ambition range all have the newer jam proof top loading system where the bobbin drops down from the top into the needl plate and then a smal clear plastic cover is fitted. We have only listed this as fitting current machines as thease are a new product to 2015 but they will fit many more machines, ti check if the fit your machine simple measure the hight and diameter of one of your bobbins and if it's approx 11.5mm x 20mm then the likelihood is these will also fit your machine and at just 60p per bobbin plus a protective bobbin box this represents great value for money.



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