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Fabric Stabilizers

We have a range of Fabric Stabilizers for Embroidery suitable for your using with any type of material within the hoop on your embridery machine. The stabilizer "stiffens" the fabric to hold it taut as the embroidery sewing machine does it's work. There is lot for the novice to learn about using the correct backing & fabric hooping. I hope we can help with these problems!

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  1. Madeira Stabiliser Starter Set

    Choosing a stabiliser for the experienced amongst us can be daunting, never mind beginners with not so much experience. This wonderful set is a must have! Learn More

  2. Madeira Super Stable Cut Away Stabilizer

    Ideal for thick stretch fabrics. Iron on, adhesive when heated. Can be used on fabrics which withstand heating but are not washable Learn More

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