Pattern Making

In addition to selling sewing accessories such as thread, pins & needles, zippers etc, we also sell tailor and important pattern making supplies like carbon and tracing paper, chalk and more to enhance your sewing experience.

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  1. Small Seam Ripper sometimes called Quick Unpic

    100% of 100
    Save time and use a seam ripper to quickly unpic stitches. Learn More

  2. Cream Tailors Chalk And Sharpner

    Tailors chalk and sharpner in a handy plastic container Learn More

  3. Smooth Serrated Edge Dressmakers Tracing Wheel

    Transfer patterns or modify design using a tracing wheel this type has smoother marking teeth. Learn More

  4. Dressmaker Pencils With Brush 3 Colour Pack

    100% of 100
    1  Review 5.0 / 5
    Dressmakers Pfabric marking pencils 3 Colours with brush Learn More

  5. Tailors Chalk 3 Colour Pack

    Supplied in a plastic box to prevent the chalk from breaking. Learn More

  6. Large Premium Quality Seam Ripper Sometimes Called Quick Unpic

    20% of 100
    1  Review 1.0 / 5
    Large premium quality seam ripper with ball end this tool for sewing will quickly unpic stitching errors or seams Learn More

  7. Wood Handle Serrated Edge Dressmakers Tracing Wheel

    Tracing wheel with comfortable wooden handle and sharp marking teeth. Learn More


7 Items

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