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Celebrate 160 Years with Pfaff
160 Years Anniversary Ambition Series


Need more space for you hobby? Whether dressmaking or quilting you will benefit from more space to rest material and give the sewing machine a better flow for feeding and stitching the fabric. 

Where would you normally sew? Maybe on the dining room or kitchen table..! then the thought of having to store it after use, or usually having to move it from the table half way through a project is no fun..!

A quality cabinet would complement your Pfaff sewing machine. Can we tempt you with a purpose built piece of quality furniture which can not only store your pressures machine and its accessories, but will give you the space to spread out and enjoy stitching at whatever time of day or night takes your fancy. Happy stitching.

Black Friday weekend deals end 30th Nov

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  1. Horn Super Q Sewing Machine Cabinet

    This model arrives fitted with our 3 step push down release air-lift mechanism which means a quick push down moves your machine from storage to flatbed to free-arm positions. Learn More

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