Tape Measures

We carry huge supplies of Haberdashery and Tape Measures. We know how important a good tape measure is when dressmaking, sewing or crafting. Our range of measuring tapes are accurate with imperial and metric measurements for precise sewing projects.

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  1. Tape Measure

    Metric Imperial 12mm wide, 150cm/60" length. We can offer wholesale prices on large orders for all the tapes we have on show. Learn More

  2. Tape Measure Deluxe

    Deluxe Metric Imperial with colour sections every 10cm, its 20mm wide and 150cm / 60" length Learn More

  3. Spring Tape Measure

    Spring Tape Measure Metric and Imperial 150cm/60" length. Learn More

  4. Extra Long Tape Measure

    Extra Long Metric and Imperial, its a whopping 300cm in lenght. Bright easy to see, this one you wont lose !! Learn More


4 Items

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