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Need more space for you hobby? Whether dressmaking or quilting you will benefit from more space to rest material and give the sewing machine a better flow for feeding and stitching the fabric. 

Where would you normally sew? Maybe on the dining room or kitchen table..! then the thought of having to store it after use, or usually having to move it from the table half way through a project is no fun..!

A quality cabinet would complement your Pfaff sewing machine. Can we tempt you with a purpose built piece of quality furniture which can not only store your pressures machine and its accessories, but will give you the space to spread out and enjoy stitching at whatever time of day or night takes your fancy. Happy stitching.

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  1. Horn Insert Filler Plate Cut for Sewing Machine -22.22%

    Pfaff Machine Horn Sewing Cabinet Insert Filler Plate

    What is a filler plate? Shall I buy a cut or uncut plate? I need an extra filler plate! Horn's filler plate's or insert's fit into the gap around your machine making the sewing surface of your machine level with the tabletop. An uncut plate makes an ideal flat surface in your cabinet for pattern marking or cutting or craft work and card making Learn More

    Now Only £35.00 Regular Price £45.00
  2. Pfaff Machine Horn Rolla Storage Compact Unit

    This fabulous new storage unit makes a handy extension to all Horn cabinets. Can be easily positioned onto the end of your cabinet, where ever you wish, to suit your needs. Or use it stand alone! The Horn Rolla is compact and has ample storage for all your sewing accessories, craft work, wool, fabric. Keeps your projects tidy and secure. FREE delivery to main area UK Learn More


  3. Pfaff Machine Sewing Cabinet Horn Cub Plus Cabinets

    A great value, high quality cabinet with well positioned storage trays. The Cub Plus cabinet folds away into a compact, easy to store unit, ideal for small work rooms. Learn More

  4. Maxi Hobby Cutting Table by Horn Furniture

    A cutting out table or quilting table, we use this invaluable Horn table in our sewing classroom. Folds away after use for compact storage. Simply moved around classroom with easy roll castors. Learn More


  5. Pfaff Machine Horn Gemini Sewing Cabinet

    The Horn Gemini 2011 is a compact sewing machine cabinet with three extensions to increase your work surface area. The extra space provided by the foldout rear extension is ideal for all you quilters out there. Learn More


  6. Pfaff Machine Horn Quilters Delight MK2 Cabinet

    Are you looking for a cabinet that will fit into your workroom but still provide you with an extensive work area and be able to accommodate a machine such as your Pfaff Quilt Expression or Creative?...then look no further. The new Quilters Delight MK2 is the ideal cabinet for you. The extensive work area is ideal for those large quilting projects and the lockable castors allow for super stability when cabinet is in use. FREE delivery to main area UK Learn More


  7. Pfaff Machine Horn Nova Cabinet

    A well designed cabinet, with storage space for both your sewing machine and overlocker and a larger type lifter for all sewing machines. Plenty of storage trays for your sewing accessories. FREE delivery to main area UK Learn More


  8. Pfaff Machine Horn Maxi Eclipse Cabinet

    This Eclipse sewing machine cabinet by Horn is neat and compact when closed but has more than enough room for you to keep your sewing machine and overlocker securely locked away. When open it provides large surface for all your sewing needs. Fitted with longer lifter. Learn More

  9. Pfaff Horn Sewers Vision 3004 Adjustable Height Table

    Large hobby work table with a large work-surface, adjustable height and commercial grade build. FREE delivery to main area UK Learn More

  10. Pfaff Machine Horn Gemini XL Sewing Cabinet

    The Horn Gemini XL 2012 is a great sewing cabinet that is both enormous and compact at the same time. It offered extraordinary versatility in four modern finishes. Perfect for home decor projects and quilts. Learn More


Items 1-10 of 14

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