IDT Used by Pfaff for over 45 years


Fine fabrics?

Sheer or very fine fabrics like silk are difficult to sew, it's not the stitching that's a problem, it's the super slippy flexible material that makes it difficult to sew! Using the IDT stops distortion of the seam, it stops fabric movement.

Stretch fabrics?

When sewing stretch fabrics and knitwear, the IDT ensures that the fabric is not stretched out of shape.

Several layers?

Quilters love the IDT. Several layers are being sewn together during the quilt making process. No matter what the thickness, with or without wadding you will get perfect flat seams.

Long curtain seams!

Even when sewing a long blind hem on a heavyweight curtain seam or when stitching 3" header tape to heavy velvet curtains, no more fabric slipping!

Heavy fabrics?

The IDT feeds even the heaviest fabrics perfectly every time. On jeans or rucksack strap, horse blankets, pvc or leather fun clothing all stitches are the same length.


Pfaff's IDT is particularly useful when quilting, where a wide variety of fabrics and bulky batting layers need to be stitched. The layers are gripped from the top and the bottom.

Decorative stitching?

IDT is not only for straight sewing, virtually any stitch can be sewn. Pressed feet have a special slot to allow the top feed to operate correctly even when using zigzag or decorative stitching.


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