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Ironing Press

We all use irons, but we want to let you know about a little secret that can save you time while ironing. If you have never tested a roller press you will never know how good these modern presses are. Even if your a home owner just wanting a press for household items like bedding and clothing, these are sure to save plenty of time.

On the other hand if you feel you need more of a professional iron for use in B&B's, Pubs or Hotels we would recommend one of these high quality rotary ironers. Dont forget to check out the all new board with steam and suction. They can be used dry without water and others have Teflon coated surface and smooth out the toughest wrinkles in a laundry pile.

If your looking to purchase a new Iron, call our team of professionals who can guide you to the best choice... HOW! simple, we use these at home!

Lets get shopping: