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Pfaff Machine Horn Nova Cabinet

A well designed cabinet, with storage space for both your sewing machine and overlocker and a larger type lifter for all sewing machines. Plenty of storage trays for your sewing accessories. FREE delivery to main area UK
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The Nova 1081 cabinet has a neat sewing area look. It has space to store both your overlocker and sewing machine and the fold out extension leaf to the right of the sewing machine bed, can give you that ideal spot to place your overlocker, so you can access both machines at once. The position of the extension leaf will also give allow you that swivel seating position so you don't even have to move out of your chair.

There's a drawer beneath the storage shelf for your overlocker, that you can safely keep your foot controls in and with that extra clearance from the base of the cabinet to the floor, the space lets you place your foot controls in the best position for you. No cumbersome wires wrapping around your feet.

The Nova hosts clear plastic storage trays some of which swivel out for easy access and there is also a built in accessory tray, on the work surface of the cabinet, which has a clear plastic lid so you can keep a check of your accessories at a glance. There is an inlaid tape measure in front of your sewing machine base and yes... the cabinet is also lockable, so if you want to keep your work and machines safe from little fingers then you can do!

The Nova 1081cabinet uses the larger type sewing machine lifter which is 53cm in width. For more information about the lifting mechanism please view this page

This cabinet comes in a vast range of colours. The Nova 1081 horn cabinet is crafted in White, Light Oak, Medium Oak, Beach and Teak colours. (The Insert we include at no extra cost to suit your sewing machine)


Beech Light Oak Medium Oak White

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Brand Horn Furniture
Model 1081 Nova
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