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Pfaff Machine Horn Quilters Delight MK2 Cabinet

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It is a well known fact that you are 70% more likely to sew if you have a designated sewing area. Many people sew, but often are put off, by having to clear an area to lay out your sewing project and accommodate your sewing machine or overlocker, so with a cabinet all your wishes are granted in one compact, delightful piece of furniture.

Can I now introduce you to a cabinet that is versatile, has plenty of storage, is maneuverable and the best asset a quilter could own...the new Horn Quilters Delight MK-2. This cabinet will suit all your quilting needs.

The first and probably most valuable part of the cabinet is its arge work surface area. When you are doing free motion embroidery, you always need an immense amount of space to hold your quilt, especially those king size quilts. The Quilters Delight has that much wanted space positioned to the left of your sewing machine and also an extra leaf to the right of your machine for you to keep your handy accessories like pins, scissors, snips, rulers...with your most used accessories to hand, gives you more time to sew!

The cabinet has a great seating area allowing you to freely move around your work station, yet centre yourself to the needle on the machine, therefore preventing those aching neck and back muscles. With soft edges and smooth corners there is no fear of snagging those precious fabrics.

There is a very handy three drawer storage unit, that is portable so can easily be moved into a position of your choice. There are two single drawers and a third deeper drawer that gives you that all important space to keep those foot controls safe.

The Quilters delight comes with two inserts...The Plexi Insert - This insert or filler plate can be inserted around your machine to give you a smooth work surface. The Plexi Filler Plate is a plastic insert that fits into the gap where your machine would normally be, thus providing a completely flush, smooth working surface on your cabinet top.

The Maxi Airlift facility is a fantastic feature of this cabinet and allows you to use the larger machines like to the Pfaff Expression range and Creative's. You need to have a large quilting or embroidery machine though, smaller machines can also be used, all you need to do is let us know the make and model of your machine so the insert can be made to fit in the cabinet...easy!

The Quilters Delight uses the maxi type sewing machine lifter which is 61cm in width. For more information about the lifting mechanism please view this page

The dimensions of the Quilters Delight MK2 are as follows...when closed the cabinet measures 127 Wide x 52 Deep x 76 Height. When open the Quilters Delight MK2 measures 150 Wide x 128 Deep x 76 Height

Free Delivery to UK mainland The Horn 2032 Quilters Delight MK-2 cabinet is crafted in Beech only.


American Grey Oak Beech Weathered Oak White

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Brand Horn Furniture
Model 2032 Quilters Delight MK2
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