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Horn Furniture Sewing Machine 3 Step Lift System

When the machine is not in use it is stored away neatly behind the closed doors of your cabinet. 

When needed it is raised without effort to either flatbed or free arm working position using the "soft touch" air lift.

This easy to use system is adjustable to fit any domestic sewing machine.

A special plate (filler plate insert) ensures that even in flatbed sewing position there is a perfect fit for your machine and a smooth sewing surface.

Some cabinets have a larger (wider) gap to fit the long bed type embroidery and quilting machines. Measure your sewing machine to make use it will fit in the gap in the cabinet.

We also supply the filler plate separately if required and can be found here.

We can also supply the 3-step lifter system seperatly for DIY make-your-own sewing table use!

The 3 Step Soft Touch Air lifter

Step one:
When machine is not in use it is stored away neatly behind the closed doors.

Step two:
A soft touch and the machine will rise to the flat bed position, where you use the filler insert to provide a fully flat working surface.

Step three:
Your machine will rise higher to the sleeve arm (free arm) position.