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Pfaff Beading Foot For 6mm Beads

Sewing Machine Foot. Pfaff Beading Foot 6mm Beads Pfaff
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1. Snap on the Beading foot. 2. Thread your machine with invisible thread in the needle and regular sewing thread matching the fabric in the bobbin 3. Select a zigzag stitch or a blind hem stitch. Adjust the settings of the stitch according to the size of the beads. For 4 mm beads Zigzag stitch length 3,5 width 4,0 Blind hem stitch length 1,0 width 4,5 For 6mm beads Zigzag stitch length 6,0 width 6,0 Blind hem stitch length 1,5 width 6,0 4. Place the bead string under the foot in the groove on the underside of the beading foot. 5. Place stabilizer under the fabric. 6. Lower the needle thread tension to achieve a beautiful stitch. 7. Lower the presser foot. Turn the hand wheel to take enough manual stitches to set the beads in place. Stitch the bead string to a scrap piece of fabric fi rst to test thread tension, stitch length and stitch width according to the beads and the fabric. Make adjustments if needed. 8. Stitch slowly. Pfaff Beading Foot 6mm Beads.


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