Pfaff Three Hole Yarn Foot With IDT

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The Three Hole Yarn foot is a genuine Pfaff foot and ideal for decorating your project with different yarns or cord to create some lovely braided embellishment.

This foot will guide the yarn through the openings in the front of the foot, back through the groove under the presser foot. The foot is super easy to use, simply thread your decorative yarn into the holes from the top of the foot, using the Yarn Threader, prior to snapping on the foot to the sewing machine.

Make sure the cords or yarn you have chosen are smooth textured and can easily slide through the openings, to avoid 'thick and thin' consistencies. Sew carefully, but not too fast! If your machine has a speed control, top tip is to reduce the sewing speed to easily guide the fabric and yarn.

As you can see in the picture, the holes are fairly large and the cord used can be up to 2.5mm for the best results.

The wire attached to the Yarn Threader, is used as a guide to help thread the cord through the holes. The dual feed on this foot is a brilliant help whilst creating projects and feels much better whilst sewing!

This genuine Pfaff foot is compatible with the models listed below.


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