Pfaff Corded Wavy Edge Overlocker Foot

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Sewing a decorative wavy edge is easy with the Corded Wavy Edge foot. The curvy, softly ruffled edge is a perfect finish for bridal veils, figure skating costumes, ballet skirts, crafts and more.

Note: For best results, use fabric with stretch. For fabric with no stretch, cut on the bias.

Its easy to use. Set the machine for a 3-thread rolled edge.
Snap on the Corded Wavy Edge foot.
Insert a 0.3mm nylon fishing line (or similar) into the opening in the foot. The fishing line will be covered by the rolled edge.
Start to sew slowly. Make sure the fishing line is hidden in the rolled edge as you sew. View our image which shows the full effect of what the wavy edge foot can do..!

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